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Fenix Nutrition CLEANSE - 30 Day Body Cleanse at ELIVATE®

Fenix Nutrition

CLEANSE - 30 Day Body Cleanse

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Clear the Impurities and Promote Excess Weightloss

Nutrients are not absorbed correctly when a member's colon becomes clogged with mucus as a result of parasites that are found. The clogged mucus causes the scattered cravings to eat more as the nutritional requirements are not being met daily. Unless the colon is cleansed of the toxins, digestion is effected negatively, leading to symptoms such as constipation, gas, bloating, IBS, headaches, bad breath, allergy symptoms, PMS, fatigue, irritability, frequent infections and weight gain. CLEANSE - 30 Day Body Cleanse by Fenix Nutrition is an all natural fix to burn carbohydrates faster and allowing fats to be metabolized more efficiently. When taken about a month before dieting, the cleanse will remove excess waste matter stored in the colon to lead to a more effective weight loss, as it removes the waste most believe is body fat. The mix of antioxidants within this supplement, the CLEANSE will help burn fat through thermogenesis which flushes the toxins out and helps boost the metabolism naturally.


Active Ingredients: Psyllium Husk,Cascara Sagrada, Senna Powder, Hydrangea Root Powder, Marshmallow Root, Cranberry, Milk Thistle Powder Extract (Silybum marianum), Milk Thistle Powder, Dandelion Root, Yellow Dock, Burdock Root, Charcoal, Garlic Odor Controlled, Ginger Root (Zingiber officinale). Other Ingredients: Vegetarian Cellulose (Capsules)‚ Microcrystalline Cellulose‚ Silica and Magnesium Stearate.


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CLEANSE Features

  • Increase energy naturally.
  • Clean and detoxify your body.
  • Boost your metabolism using thermogenesis.
  • Protects against impurities.