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Lifeline Exchange Handle System at ELIVATE™

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Exchange Handle System

Item # W-LFI2FCX3

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Exchange Cables, Not Handles

Lifeline Exchange Handle System attaches to your Progressive Layering Technology cables for an effective, compact resistance training program – one of the best on the market. The patented design of the Lifeline Exchange Handle is ergonomic and features subtle cable-savings and comfort. The cable pocket design has an open channel that lets you swap cables without changing the handle. With 10 resistances to choose from, you will love this resistance training system because as your workout levels improve and change you can add or subtract more or less challenging resistances with ease, using the same handles. Genius!

Exchange Handle System Features

  • Patented ergonomic design features cable pocket for easy exchanges.
  • 5’ cable (30 lbs. peak resistance).
  • 2 exchange handles with hard grip rotators.
  • Heavy-duty door attachment.
  • Instructional DVD with Jon Hinds.
  • Cable exercise poster.


30 lbs