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Chest Expander & Extra Set of Cables (16”) at ELIVATE™

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Chest Expander & Extra Set of Cables (16”)

Item # W-LFI4CX3

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Chest Expands with More Cable Resistance

The Lifeline Chest Expander and Extra Set of Cables (16”) sculpts your chest using overhead downward pulls, lateral raises and military presses – it’s a portable and affordable exercise cable system that goes anywhere. The Chest Expanders is versatile, allowing you to modify the intensity and challenges of your training by varying the number and resistance of the cables you use to exercise chest, back and shoulders. The Chest Expander comes with 2 handles (hold up to 3 cables at a time) and an instructional DVD. Extra sets of 3 cables (16”) from 10 lbs. to 90 lbs. of peak resistance each are sold separately. Get a workout with great results at home or away with the Lifeline Chest Expander and Extra Set of 3 Cables (16”).

Chest Expander & Extra Set of Cables (16”) Features

  • Works chest, shoulders and back.
  • Handles holds 3 cables simultaneously.
  • Comes with 3 16” cables (30 lbs. peak resistance each) and 2 chest expander handles.
  • Extra Cables (16”) R3 (30 lbs. each, pink), R4 (40 lbs. each, maroon), R5 (50 lbs. each, orange), R6 (60 lbs. each, red), R7 (70 lbs. each, yellow), R8 (80 lbs. each, green) and R9 (90 lbs. each, blue) sold separately.
  • Instructional exercise DVD.


Blue, Green, Maroon, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow