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Cando Wate Ball Set at ELIVATE™

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Wate Ball Set

Item # W-FAB263

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A Softer Alternative to the Dumbbell

The Cando Wate Ball Set contains 6 small and flexible hand-held dumbbells for strength training and rehab treatment. Scientifically developed to follow fundamental exercise principles, the Cando ball’s unique design produces greater friction levels without having to adjust your grip or change techniques. Hand weakness is diminished, while the muscle toning and conditioning components work your arms and core. Training with a Cando Wate Ball helps maintain muscle mass or slows the loss of tissue entirely. Because you can exercise with the Wate Ball in a static position, it’s ideal for people with limited mobility and dexterity. The Cando ball’s malleable material gently conforms and the 6 multilevel weighted balls to choose from, measure progress as you move up to higher resistance levels.

Wate Ball Set Features

  • Durable and small exercise balls for fitness or rehab use.
  • Soft, moldable texture makes gripping easier.
  • Use individually or with a partner.
  • Bicycle pump inflates and deflates balls to make them softer or harder.
  • Always maintains a constant 5" diameter.
  • Great for home use or travel.
  • Available in 6 different weights and colors: 1/2 kg (tan, 1.1 lb.), 1 kg (yellow, 2.2 lbs.), 1 1/2 kg (red, 3.3 lbs.), 2 kg (green, 4.4 lbs.), 2 1/2 kg (blue, 5.5 lbs.), and 3 kg (black, 6.6 lbs.).
  • Sold in sets of 6.


Wate Balls