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Budget Bucky Skeleton with Metal Base & More at ELIVATE™

Anatomical Chart Company

Budget Bucky Skeleton with Metal Base

Item # W-ANA120

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Bucky is the Coolest Kid in School

Life-sized skeletons are not just for the biology classroom or doctor’s offices anymore. Keep yourself and others educated about their body and skeletal structure with the Budget Bucky Skeleton. Bucky is 5’ 6” tall, made out of durable plastic, and features nerve branches, 3 removable teeth and the vertebral artery. Bucky also suffers from a herniated lumbar disc, so you can illustrate to heavy weight lifters and fitness fanatics what can happen if they don’t maintain proper form or overexert themselves. Articulated joints allow Budget Bucky Skeleton to move freely with a rolling metal base.

Budget Bucky Skeleton with Metal Base Features

  • Features nerve branches, 3 removable teeth, vertebral artery and herniated lumbar disk.
  • Includes rolling metal base for maneuverability.
  • Height: 5'6".


Body Part: