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Body Sport

Single Layer Cross-Linked Foam Exercise Mat

Item # W-PED203

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No-Tear Exercise Mat You Can Count On

Provide your clients with Body Sport® Single-Layer, No-Fold Cross-Linked Foam Exercise Mats for functional, low-impact routines that require floor movements. An ideal exercise mat for stretching and light workouts, this soft cushioning foam mat is manufactured with durable, cross-linked polyethylene foam. Our exercise mats are available with and without handles for storage ease. This 1/2” exercise mat is sealed and resists scratches and scuffs while providing clients with necessary support. Wipe the Foam Exercise Mats clean with a damp cloth and/or antibacterial spray after every use. Mat is 2' x 4'.

Single Layer Cross-Linked Foam Exercise Mat Features

  • Non-folding mat for floor exercise and stretches.
  • Provides soft cushioning for pressure points.
  • Single-layer, cross-linked foam construction resists scuffs & tears.
  • Wipe clean with damp cloth or antibacterial spray.
  • Size: 2’ x 4’ x 1/2".
  • Charcoal.