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Locate the Right Personal Trainer for You

How to Find a Personal Trainer

Looking for a personal trainer to help you achieve specific fitness goals and ultimately commit to change? The following are helpful tips for finding a personal trainer within your area.

Scope Out the Local Gym

Check with the nearby gym, because chances are they have at least one personal trainer on their staff. Because you’re not alone in your pursuit of a trainer, local gyms typically offer an assortment of packages for personal training.

Peruse the Interweb or the Yellow Pages

In the digital era and new media age you have on-demand access to information anytime, anywhere and on any digital device. Easily connect with gyms and personal trainers with a Google search, or find them on Facebook! Using either the phone book or the yellow pages website, you should find a substantial listing of trainers in your area. Some independent contractors also run ads in classifieds.

Get Reliable Word of Mouth

Who knows how to find a trainer better than someone who already has one? Talk to friends or acquaintances who already use a personal trainer. Take into consideration that personality and specific fitness needs are sizable factors in client/trainer relationships, so your friend’s trainer won’t necessarily have your glass slipper as well.

Put a Price Tag on Your Fitness Goals

The cost of working with a personal trainer varies according to the trainer’s experience and education as well as the area where you reside. The typical going rate trainers charge can be anywhere from $50 to $250 per hour. Determine the price you’re willing to pay for improvements in your health and fitness levels and you’re one step closer to finding the right personal trainer for you.

Weigh the Pros & Cons

Start by checking your trainer’s references. Does he or she have liability insurance? Does he specialize in a specific kind of training? Is she certified? What are his trainer’s fees? Most important, you want to get the feel that this is someone you can easily work with, someone who can motivate you.