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Device to Measure Body Fat

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Body Fat Analyzer

Item # W-FAB373

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Working Hard to Get into Shape? Track Your Progress with this Body Fat Caliper

You work hard, so why not track your progress with the Baseline Body Fat Analyzer. This body fat caliper measures your actual body fat, where as a scale only measures your weight. Don’t forget, all of the muscles you’ve been building weigh more than fat, so the Baseline Body Fat Analyzer gives you a more accurate reading of your growth. Plus, it’s small and easy to use. Take it to the gym or anywhere else you travel to. This Body Fat Analyzer is a great tool for personal trainers, exercise enthusiasts and athletes. A built in clock and alarm with a 3V battery are included.

Baseline Body Fat Analyzer Features

  • Measures percentage of body fat.
  • Body fat measure range: 5% to 50%.
  • Detailed LCD display.
  • Color: white with blue.
  • Stores body fat percentages for up to 8 people.
  • Palm sized to conveniently carry.
  • Clock and alarm.
  • 3 V battery included.
  • Safety warning: do not operate this in combination with the following types of medical devices, or it may cause injury to the user and damage to the device: a pacemaker or any electronic device that is implanted in the body, an artificial heart or lung or any other electronic life support system, or an electrocardiograph or other portable electronic medical device. Do not use if you are pregnant.


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