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B Strong Belts

B Strong

B Strong Belt Sets


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Optimize comfort and safety

(B)Strong is one of the industry’s safest Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training systems. The (B)Strong Belt is the essential component to the BFR System. Sold in pairs, the belts are designed to optimize comfort and safety. The belts are unobtrusive to allow for easy movement, and fast to inflate and deflate. (B)Strong Belts are made of industrial grade materials so they will last many cycles and hold up to abuse. They can be worn in water and pools, but should be hand washed and air-dried. Sizes: Size 1 – 18cm (7in) – 31cm(12.25in) Size 2 – 26cm (10.25in) – 45cm (17.75in) Size 3 – 41cm (16in) – 62cm (24.5in) Size 4 – 54cm (21.25in) – 79cm (31.25in) Size 5 – 71cm (28in) – 99cm (39in)


  • Sold in pairs (2 pcs)
  • Essential component to the (B)Strong BFR System
  • Optimize comfort and safety
  • Unobtrusive to allow for easy movement
  • Fast to inflate and deflate