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Aqua Jogger

AquaFit Barbells

Item # W-JOG104

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Buoyant Aquatic Dumbbells for Strengthening the Upper Body

Help members achieve results from upper body routines by making AquaFit Barbells available for aquatic fitness workouts. Made of high quality, closed-cell foam, the buoyancy and resilience levels of these aquatic dumbbells provide effective body support during shallow water exercises, allowing you to lead members through various strengthening exercises. AquaFit Barbells also have a soft, padded grip to help reduce hand fatigue during lengthier training sessions. These economically-priced aquatic training tools are sold in pairs and come with an informational workout guide.

AquaFit Barbells Features

  • Medium resistance aquatic dumbbells.
  • Use to tone, strengthen and support the upper body.
  • Ideal for shallow water exercises.
  • High quality, closed-cell foam construction.
  • Soft, padded grip.
  • Includes workout guide.
  • Color: white.
  • Sold by pairs.