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Progressive Movement DVD – Level 2

Item # W-ATMIXS02

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Further Build the Core, Improve Balance & Strengthen the Total Body

Using the ActivMotion Bar with the Progressive Movement DVD, your members will experience more intense and dynamic exercises that will further build their core, improve balance and strengthen the total body. Its circuit-training format maximizes cardiovascular benefits and burns calories. This intermediate to advanced level workout is the second in a series of three progressive workout DVDs and increases in speed, balance requirement and difficulty. Total run time: 30 minutes.

Progressive Movement DVD Features

  • For use with the ActiveMotion Bar.
  • The second in a series of 3 progressive workout DVDs which increases in speed, balance requirement and difficulty.
  • Intermediate to advanced level workout further builds the core, improves balance and strengthens the total body.
  • Circuit-training format integrates cardio to ramp up calorie burn.