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Next Generation Therapy

Invented by chiropractor Dr. Stanley Stanbridge, Rapid Release provides targeted, high-speed vibrational therapy, combining a short stroke with high frequency to deliver effective relief for minor aches and pains.

“Bottom line is I want to help people have a better, fuller life. Without question Rapid Release is uniquely qualified to deliver that help.”

– Dr. Stanley Stanbridge, Inventor, President

Professional Pricing Available

1-3 day delivery to 99% of continental U.S.

Vibration Therapy Benefits

Rapid Release technology uses vibration therapy as non-invasive treatment to provide pain relief for all, from elderly to pediatric. This style of therapy provides complete “head-to-toe” treatment of the musculoskeletal anatomy*, offering improved movement through muscle relaxation. Unlike percussive devices, vibration therapy may be used on areas percussive therapy cannot treat, such as the cranial area, spinal column, throat, jaw, spine, and tendons, due to the striking nature of percussive therapy.

Rapid Release Products

Rapid Release Therapy

Pro2 - Green

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Rapid Release Therapy

Pro2 - Black

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Pro2 Features

Rapid Release Pro2 Product Feature Infographic


  • 5 treatment heads for customized treatments
  • Pain relief from tight tissue adhesion and muscle spasms
  • Relief from hand fatigue from manual therapy
  • Great for a variety of professions
  • No attachments to change, no batteries to charge

How to Use

From the Founder

3 Things to Remember

  1. Do not apply extra pressure.
  2. Keep the device moving at all times.
    (1 inch per second)
  3. Use over a large area of the body.