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Rapid Release Pro3

Superior Vibration Therapy for Your Members

Enhance your members’ recovery with Rapid Release Therapy, the go-to therapy of tens-of-thousands of professionals worldwide because of ease of use and consistent results. The Pro3 model is reengineered and refined to make it lighter, smoother, quieter, and best of all, cordless with a long battery life. It features an ergonomic linear design, delivers 150 strokes per second +- 10%, and is 3–5x faster than percussion. Plus, it comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

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Vibration Therapy Benefits

Rapid Release technology uses vibration therapy as non-invasive treatment to provide relief for all, from elderly to pediatric. This style of therapy provides complete "head-to-toe" treatment of the musculoskeletal anatomy, offering improved movement through muscle relaxation. Unlike percussive devices, vibration therapy may be used on areas percussive therapy cannot treat, such as the cranial area, spinal column, throat, jaw, spine, and tendons, due to the striking nature of percussive therapy.

Vibration Therapy with the Pro3 from Rapid Release

Pro3 Features

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  • 5 built-in treatment surfaces, each creating a different effect
  • Uniquely suited for extremities: arms, wrists, hands, legs, ankles, & feet
  • Meticulously engineered and balanced mechanism for smooth operation
  • Treatments typically last just 2–5 min.
  • No attachments to change or lose
  • Designed and built to withstand professional use
  • FDA Class 1 Medical Device
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85% of Practitioners got results with Rapid Release that they had never achieved before

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91% of Practitioners reported using the Rapid Release in their practice every day

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92% of Users find that it is most effective at quickly releasing tension in muscles

Next Generation Therapy

Invented by chiropractor Dr. Stanley Stanbridge, Rapid Release provides targeted, high-speed vibrational therapy, combining a short stroke with high frequency to deliver effective relief for minor aches and discomfort.

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Vibration Therapy with the Pro3 from Rapid Release