Hyperice designs cutting-edge sports medicine devices that prevent injury, accelerate recovery, and enhance muscle and joint movement. Created by engineers and elite trainers, Hyperice products are designed to meet the expectations of the world’s best athletes.

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“We all want to move better, we all want to feel better, we all want tools and technology that can help enhance whatever experience we have as an active person. That’s the ethos of our company.”

–Anthony Katz, Founder, HYPERICE

High-Tech Healing and Injury Prevention

With Hyperice, you can bring the technology used in professional training rooms, and leading rehabilitation clinics, into your athletic facility or home. Treat your body to the recovery solutions elite athletes count on after strenuous workouts and high-stakes injuries.

The HYPERICE VYPER or HYPERSPHERE are effective tools for warming and loosening the muscles both before or after a workout. Because you and your clients' time is limited, you might choose to sell HYPERICE vibration technology for use outsite the facility. With as little as five minutes a day on specific body parts, you and your clients can speed recovery and improve outcomes in the gym.

Vibration Technology

By adding vibration to traditional foam rollers, massage balls, and heat therapy devices, Hyperice increased the benefits of myofascial release and revolutionized warm-up and recovery. Users can expect improved range of motion, increased flexibility, and better circulation when they use the VYPER, HYPERSPHERE, or brand new VENOM.

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Ice Compression Technology

HyperIce made loose, dripping ice bags a thing of the past with its revolutionary ice compression sleeves. Ice casts contain ice cells featuring patented air release technology. Users fill the ice cell with ice, release excess air, then add compression with the tight fitting ice cast. You’ll love moving around freely (and dryly) while harnessing the power of cold compression therapy.

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Powerful Percussion for Myofascial Release

The RAPTOR delivers percussion that is powerful against pain, yet gentle on patient and practitioner. Its sophisticated design and engineering save clinicians from fatigue and patients from discomfort while delivering deep soft tissue penetration. This state-of-the-art system with adjustable speeds and interchangeable applicators is easy, effective, efficient for postoperative recovery, general rehabilitation, and the overall care muscles that have been pushed to the max.

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Meet the VENOM

Heat and vibration come together for an optimal massage in HYPERICE’s newest product, the VENOM. This wearable back device allows users to loosen and relax sore stiff muscles while on the move.

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Hypersoothe All-Natural Cooling Cream

The company that brings you the most innovative recovery products on the market has formulated an all-natural cooling cream to meet the standards of the world’s elite athletes. Your muscles and joints will love this lightweight cream infused with essential oils and natural plant extracts.

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