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BOSU Balance Trainers

BOSU is an acronym for both sides up, meaning both sides of the tool are useful for a wide range of cardio, strength training, balance exercises and more. BOSU balance trainers help members move better and improve flexibility and endurance.

A Full Body Workout With One Piece of Equipment

Get great return on investment from this super versatile piece of equipment. From simply standing on the BOSU Balance Trainer or doing basic crunches to more challenging moves involving weights, fitness balls or resistance bands, there is a BOSU workout for everyone. Unlike many pieces of equipment that work one part of the body, the BOSU provides a full body workout with one cost-effective tool.

Compare the Sport Balance Trainer, the Home Balance Trainer, and the Pro Balance

Size Weight Capacity Made in the USA Colors Available Commercial Grade
Sport Balance Trainer 22" 250 lbs. X Blue, Pink
Home Balance Trainer 26" 300 lbs. X Blue
Pro Balance Trainer 26" 350 lbs. X Blue X
Elite Balance Trainer 26" 400 lbs. X Black X

Sport Balance Trainer

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Home Balance Trainer

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Pro Balance Trainer

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Elite Balance Trainer

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Pair Balance Trainers With Other Equipment or Use Them Solo

Don’t stop at personal training sessions, with easy modifications and loads of potential for fun and serious fitness, BOSU Balance Trainers are great for group classes!