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8 Pound Medicine Ball Workouts at ELIVATE&trade

Everything You Need for a Total Body Workout in 1 Little Ball

Medicine Balls. These simple spheres have been used for centuries for intense training, rehabilitation and everyday exercise because they yield results. Although they come in different weights and sizes, all you really need to achieve a full-body exercise that builds your core, strengthens your muscles and burns fat is an 8-pound medicine ball.


Coach Joe Sahratian of the University of North Carolina Tar Heels is living proof that an 8-pound medicine ball, if utilized correctly, can produce such results in strength and conditioning. In 2008, Sahratian released a 10-step exercise routine he called “the Med Ball 400”; it's still one of the most popular medicine ball workouts today. The “400” represents 400 reps — the number of repetitions that basketball players complete during their strength and conditioning sessions at UNC (we humbly suggest you start with 200).


Some of the program's exercises include:


 - Big circles

 - The woodchopper

 - Standing Russian twist

 - Squat to press

 - And 6 more, all pinpointing specific muscle groups

Benefits of the Med Ball 400 Workout

Even better, this routine requires only 1 medicine ball, making it great for the budget-conscious and those in need of quick and virtually equipment-free programs. The routine is also extremely space-efficient, so it's perfect for exercising at home too; you can get the same thorough, full-body exercise whether you're at home, in the office or on the road.

Don't forget that ELIVATE™ carries a vast assortment of medicine balls in various sizes and weights. Here’s a link to Body Sport’s 8-pound medicine ball — just in case you need that extra push to get started on your new routine.