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ELIVATE&trade's TRX Suspended Lunge

A Lunge Like No Other

Take advantage of your body weight to help strengthen your leg muscles. This challenging exercise will not only target your core, increase flexibility in your hips and strengthen your thighs, but it will also teach you to use TRX equipment in a different way.

ELIVATE™s TRX Suspended Lunge

Shape your lower body and increase your muscle tissue with this more advanced lunge variety. Target Muscle(s): Abs, hips, legs and thighs

What You Need:

TRX Pro Suspension Trainer


Target Muscle(s):


Abs, hips, legs and thighs


Step-by-Step Instructions:


1.) Stand directly in front of the anchor, joining the 2 TRX handles together. Finding a stable balance, loop the stirrup around the ball of your right foot and gradually pivot to face away from the anchor point. Your standing leg should be directly in line with the anchor point and your suspended foot should be bent at the ankle.

2.) Bend your right knee about 90°;, so your knees are side by side. As if you were running, bend your left arm to a 90°; angle at the elbow with your fingertips just underneath your chin and right arm bent, moving back toward the shoulder blade, 45°; from vertical.

3.) Inhale, keeping your abs engaged, and slowly lower to the floor by bending your standing knee. While you're lowering, move your hips backward, keeping your body weight on the heel of the standing foot. Your suspended foot will drive backward. Keep the 90°; bend at the knee as well as in the arms. Simultaneously drive your right arm forward and your left arm back to the end position, which is where the right arm started.

4.) As you continue lowering yourself, keep your weight on your left heel until your right thigh and chest are in a straight line.

5.) In the upward phase of the exercise, exhale and gently push down against the floor using your left heel. Pressing your body upward, the muscle engagement at the knee and hip will bring your body back to your starting position; alternate your legs as you complete the desired number of reps.

Tip: To up the intensity, move with added explosiveness, extending the ankle, knee and hip joints to return to your start position. You can also incorporate the Burn Machine Speed Bag and the Speed Bag exercise. Simply hold the unit with an opposing grip and rotate it using a punching motion.