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Helpful Guidelines for Home Gym Setup

How to Set Up Your Home Gym


Whether you want to save commuting time or just get in more exercise time, setting up a convenient and easily accessible space in your home dedicated to fitness can help you meet all your fitness goals. Before you set up a home gym, there are several things to consider, including the location. If you follow these simple guidelines, you’ll be working out in the privacy and comfort of your very own home gym.

Location, Location, Location


Start the home gym setup process by selecting the location of your exercise space. It’s essential that this area is your fitness sanctuary and is both comfortable and inviting. Chances are you don’t enjoy spending your time in cramped, stuffy, dim places, so don’t set up your home gym in one. Instead, choose a bright area that is organized and uncluttered; it’ll be a lot easier to get motivated.




To the Window — to the Wall


Natural lighting is ideal for your home gym. Whether it’s a window or a skylight, natural lighting keeps you motivated and provides a visual distraction from fatigued muscles. If you don’t have an area supported by sunlight, be sure to provide a substantial amount of artificial lighting so you can effortlessly see what you’re doing. Mirrors are another great accessory to include in a home gym because they allow you to check your exercise form and posture. They also let you see a seemingly larger space when it doesn’t physically exist. Put your favorite exercise guide poster or motivational quote on the wall.

Literal Fitness Foundations


Stable and easy to clean, hardwood floors are an ideal option in a home gym setting. The downside is that they scratch easily and provide little to no sound absorption. You can ease the noise issue with rubber mats; some interlock to fit underneath equipment or to cover the entire gym area. If you prefer carpet or a rug, use short-pile, indoor-outdoor cut that’s commercial quality with thin padding. Thickly padded surfaces can be permanently imprinted by heavy equipment. You’ll want a carpet color combination that doesn’t easily show dirt or machinery oil. No matter what type of flooring you choose, be sure to purchase an exercise mat to protect your floor from sweat and help cushion your body while you work out.

Attraction Distractions


Whether it’s tuning in to your favorite television program, listening to music or a making a call on a cell phone, it’s always nice to have motivational tools or distracting entertainment to help pass the time during exercise. Do anything that helps you get it done! From choosing a location to outfitting it for comfort and functionality, there are quite a few things to consider when setting up a home gym. Use these tips to help you design the ideal workout space, and then furnish that space with the fitness equipment that will help you accomplish your goals. Remember to consider what fitness activities you enjoy, and you’ll continue to enjoy fitness for a lifetime.