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Expectations for Barre Fitness Class

What to Expect from a Barre Fitness Class

Barre fitness classes are one of 2014’s rising stars among fitness trends, and you might have high expectations for them. You should, because with consistency, they truly provide results, including that long, lean, dancer-like physique you’ve always admired. Try a barre class today and that body could be yours. To get you prepared, here’s what to expect when you walk through the door…

A Challenging Variety

While each studio and instructor may offer a slightly different class structure, you can always anticipate a fun challenge. Barre exercises typically incorporate a ballet barre and combined elements of ballet, Pilates and yoga. You’ll use your own body weight for resistance and balance, as well as to engage core muscles. Some barre workouts include a cardio component, but the focus is usually on toning muscles and developing a slim figure.

Wide-Open Spaces

The studio or classroom will consist of a large open area with mirrors and ballet barres attached to one or more walls in the room. Barre studios usually have hardwood floors or commercial-grade carpeting. TIP: Show up to class with a pair of socks, a water bottle and a positive attitude. If you plan to attend Barre class frequently, invest in a pair of socks with grips on the bottoms to prevent sliding.

Provided Props

Along with the ballet barre, most classes incorporate mats, hand weights, resistance bands, straps, a ball and the occasional glide board, all of which are provided for you. TIP: Arrive at class 10-15 minutes early to gather the specific equipment you’ll need for class. For about 55 minutes, you’ll find yourself consumed by fun and dance-inspired exercises set to motivational music. Barre classes are high-intensity yet low-impact workouts that refrain from putting excessive stress on your joints. The workout can be done by women (or men) of all shapes, sizes and ages. No dancing experience is required!