Exercise Trends

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High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for the Treadmill

Follow this simple workout from fitness model and nationally qualified NPC bikini competitor Amanda Marie Maitino to incorporate HIIT into your treadmill workout.


How to Set Up Your Home gym

Create the ultimate home gym by following these simple guidelines. From location to lighting, we’ve listed all the important aspects you should consider when setting up a fitness area in your home.


New Fitness Technology to ELIVATE® Your Workout

Take the guess work out of your hard work with these new technology tools that track, monitor and provide feedback/coaching related to your health goals and fitness program.


What to Expect from a Barre Fitness Class

If you've always admired the long, lean physique of a dancer, try a Barre fitness class. From advice on what to bring to class to the type of equipment you'll use, we've got the skinny on what to expect during your first Barre Fitness class.


How to Find a Personal Trainer

Need someone to keep you accountable? Enlist some professional help to keep you committed to a healthier lifestyle. Learn where to look and what to anticipate in your search for the ideal personal trainer.