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Klean Athlete Supplements – NSF Certified for Sport

Demand as Much from Your Supplements as

You Do from Yourself

Whether you’re a professional athlete, weekend warrior or somewhere in between, you put significant demands on your body when working out. Your nutritional supplements should work as hard as you do. Ensure you have the nutrients your body needs for optimal performance by augmenting your diet with a supplement protocol that meets your unique needs.

If you belong to an athletic organization or compete in sports at the high school, collegiate, intermural or professional level, you may want to consider NSF Certified for Sport®; supplements. Guaranteed to be free of banned substances, NSF certified supplements are carefully developed and rigorously tested to ensure they are safe and effective and provide everything you need, with nothing you don’t, such as:

 - Corn             - Wheat

 - Gluten         - Yeast

 - Soy              - Artificial coloring, preservatives or flavoring

 - Starch

 - Sugar



One line we like at ELIVATE™ is Klean Athlete by Douglas Laboratories®;. As the company's new sports nutrition label, Klean Athlete supplements were specially formulated as a professional-grade, all-inclusive basic sports supplement protocol. The line includes the following products:

    Klean Antioxidant

    Strenuous workouts, especially with aerobic exercise, cause the body to produce and store harmful byproducts called free radicals, which harm healthy cells. Packed with effective antioxidants such as acetyl-l-carnitine, lipoic acid, maqui berry and astaxanthin, Klean Athlete Antioxidant is designed to help the body manage these byproducts, improving things like energy and stamina levels.

    Klean Cognitive

    Klean Cognitive works by supplying the body with key nutrients involved in how the brain works, how the brain communicates with the body and how the body makes and uses energy. The patented formula contains acetyl-l-carnitine, lipoic acid, alpha-GPC and lutein, in addition to other nutrients. Used to support mental focus, clarity and acuity, Klean Cognitive is perfect for athletes who must constantly focus and react quickly to changing situations.

    Klean Electrolyte

    When you sweat, your body loses critical electrolytes; sometimes, this can cause muscle cramping. Water alone will not replace adequate amounts of these critical minerals, which are necessary to maintain optimal athletic performance. Klean Electrolyte, formulated with sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium and magnesium, is ideal especially for endurance athletes such as runners who tend to sweat significantly during a training session, as well as those who exercise in extreme heat or humidity.

    Klean Endurance

    Klean Endurance is a chewable form of D-ribose, which is a sugar your body and brain use to help restore and replenish core energy. Naturally sweet and with an orange/vanilla flavor, it accelerates energy and tissue recovery, reduces loss of energy during stress, increases exercise tolerance and reduces muscle stiffness, pain and fatigue after a tough workout.

    Klean Isolate

    Klean Isolate is a whey protein isolate, which is the highest grade of whey protein available; it contains no artificial sweeteners or flavorings. Made with essential amino acids and electrolytes to support adequate hydration, this protein supplement is ideal for bodybuilders and athletes involved in endurance sports, as well as anyone who requires extra protein to support muscle regeneration due to prolonged, demanding workouts.

    Klean Multivitamin

    Used to bridge the gaps in our diets, multivitamins are especially important for athletes who place intense demands on their bodies and want to maintain peak athletic performance. Klean Multivitamin was formulated to meet the specific needs of athletes, and contains the proper levels of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other nutrients such as powerful antioxidants, including astaxanthin and resveratrol, and phytonutrients like wild blueberry, strawberry and spinach extract, making it ideal for an athlete seeking a key foundational supplement on which to build a protocol.

    Klean Probiotic

    With 15 billion live organisms and 8 strains of probiotics, Klean Probiotic is ideal for athletes who are often depleted. Several studies have indicated that probiotics and prebiotics can have positive effects on mineral absorption, metabolism, bone composition and the immune system, as well as general functioning of the digestive tract.


    This NSF certified vitamin D3 tablet (5000 IU) is ideal for athletes who train indoors or in cities where they may not get enough sun exposure to maintain a proper 25(OH)D level. Vitamin D3 is important to everyone because it supports the development of strong bones and general good health, and may help prevent chronic illness; for athletes, vitamin D3 may provide additional benefits such as faster muscle recovery, improved performance speeds and greater muscle strength.

    Klean Omega

    The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil support cardiovascular, neurological and joint health. Klean Omega capsules deliver pure, clean fish oil rich in EPA and DHA in a triglyceride form for improved absorption and bioavailability. In addition to speeding the recovery of inflamed joints, omega-3 supplements may help improve lung capacity, increase lean muscle mass and improve reaction times.

No matter what type of athlete you are, you work hard to achieve your goals. Your nutritional supplements should work as hard for you as you do for yourself, and give you everything you need for optimal performance. Designed specifically to meet an athlete’s unique demands and NSF Certified for Sport, Klean Athlete supplements by Douglas Laboratories make a wise investment when personalizing your supplement protocol.