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Target Post-Workout Knots & Kinks with Trigger Point Therapy Products

Avoid Injuries & Improve Performance with
Trigger Point Therapy

Don’t let an injury send you or your clients to the sidelines and keep you there. Instead, achieve maximum performance levels and be proactive about injury prevention at the gym, as well as promoting it at home, with do-it-yourself Trigger Point Performance Therapy. The patented products and methodologies behind Trigger Point were developed by Casey Phillips, a biomechanics and muscular structure expert who has worked with many top professional athletes, as a cure for his fibromyalgia. The general concept behind the product development is that chronic pain is caused when pressure is applied to small, hypersensitive knots in the muscle (trigger points). Massaging and stretching these trigger points using myofascial therapy relieves the pain, increases range of motion, improves strength and flexibility, and helps prevent future injuries.


Trigger Point Therapy for Injury Prevention

Trigger Point reduces the likelihood of injury by releasing muscle tension and increasing supply of the blood flow and oxygen to your muscles. As a great addition to stretching routines, Performance Therapy helps you better target knots and kinks that couldn’t otherwise be relieved.More important, the Trigger Point model helps prevent injuries before they occur by restoring tissue elasticity, so your body better tolerates the demands placed on it by daily activities and intense physical exercise.

Trigger Point Therapy for Optimal Performance

Trigger Point Therapy allows you to make dramatic improvements in soft tissue skeletal muscle, which can alter your body’s biomechanics and help maintain its structural integrity. The result is an improvement in overall efficiency of movement. your body will move freely and naturally. Targeting these trigger points before injuries occur (Pre-Gen), rather than after the fact (Re-Gen), also helps improve athletic performance and ensures that you maximize your athletic ability.Even better, Trigger Point products were designed to mimic the feel of a human hand, so they are enjoyable to use. Here’s Master Trainer Tim Childers with a short demonstration on how to use the Quadballer, one of Trigger Point’s most popular products: