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Grow Your Fitness Business by Scheduling Boot Camp Classes

Motivate Your Clients in a New Way: The Benefits of Adding Boot Camp Classes


Take a look around your facility! If you could motivate your clients in a new way using the resources at hand, what would you do? Our suggestion: Offer boot camp classes. Offering boot camp classes at your personal training studio allows you to increase client referrals, open your doors to expanded social circles and unite the like-minded. Because boot camps consist of training in smaller group sizes, you won't stray far from the small-group personal training and individualized attention you currently offer. Some of the benefits of incorporating boot camps classes are as follows:

Create a Consistent Schedule

Same time, same place! Offering boot camp classes allows you to get some of those clients who are “on the fence” through the door on a consistent basis. Boot camp turns each class into a disciplined team, and people are expected to show up, pay attention, give 100% and get results. Let's face it, no one wants to be the person who doesn't show up or brings the rest of the group down. Boot camp generates a sense of personal responsibility; the work ethic and commitment will keep clients coming back for more.

Alleviate Boredom

In boot camp class, your clients will be constantly moving between exercises, which means 0 time for minds to wonder or boredom to build. Boot camp classes are diverse and intense, combining a variety of challenging strength training and cardio exercises that keep clients engaged and focused on fitness goals.

Unite the Like-Minded

Working in small groups of like-minded exercisers allows acquaintances to become friends and friends to become accountability companions. Boot camp is a social outlet that promotes interaction and encouragement and helps people push themselves a little harder. Clients will be a lot less likely to miss a workout if the other members in the class will notice their absence.

Build Confidence

Nothing feels better than getting through a challenging boot camp workout. Tired, drenched in sweat, heart pounding and muscles fatigued, your clients will build confidence and self-esteem having realized what they just endured and completed. The confidence participants gain in physical ability can often encourage them to take control of other aspects of their life.

Confirm Your Credibility

During class you have the undivided attention of several committed exercisers; educate them and lead an effective total body workout. Boot camp class gives you the opportunity to demonstrate attentiveness to proper form and technique, while adapting exercises to individual needs. With the right amount of motivation, high-intensity intervals of strength training with mixed bursts of cardio are sure to provide clients with desired results. Showcase and share valuable fitness information and nutritional tips that will contribute to your overall credibility as a personal training studio. Your motivation means more than you know. Use the equipment and skill set you already possess to refocus and engage your clients by offering boot camp classes. Provide a mix of weight training and high-intensity cardio intervals for truly effective weight loss and lean muscle building. The intensity, the variety of exercises and the camaraderie will keep clients interested and coming back one class after another.