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CrossFit Equipment for Creating Effective WODs

Essential CrossFit Equipment No "Box" Should Be Without

The CrossFit craze is still growing and shows no sign of slowing. Last year, the number of participants in the 2013 CrossFit Games hit 6 figures, and athletes came from 115 countries. Participation is expected to be even higher in 2014.With numbers like these, you probably have plenty of members incorporating CrossFit into their workouts. Some may even be training for competition. Cater to their needs, entice others to try CrossFit and lure new members to your box by stocking versatile equipment they can use to train and incorporate into their Workout of the Day.

5 Must-Have Pieces of CrossFit Equipment

With these 5 pieces of equipment, you can create endless CrossFit WODs that keep gym members motivated:



There's no better equipment to test the body's ability to lift and lower raw weight than a barbell. It's ideal for completing Olympic lifts like the clean, jerk, snatch, and clean and jerk. Whether they're used with light or maximum weight, barbells provide versatility for long and short workout durations.


Pull-up Bar

Essential for incorporating gymnastic movements into your CrossFit training, the pull-up bar can be used not only for chin-ups, but also for toes-to-bar, knees-to-elbow and bar muscle-ups. You can also hang rings from a pull-up bar.



Ideal for muscle-ups and dips, rings help promote coordination and muscular control by adding the challenging element of instability you don't get on a fixed station. Train with rings and expect to see developments in a defined and athletic physique.


Plyo Box

Using a plyometric box for training can lead to improvements in vertical jump ability, muscle strength and joint protection. A box inside “the box” allows you to incorporate box jumps or burpee box jump-overs into the WOD. A box jump combines strength and cardiovascular training into one exercise. You have the ability to use different heights – consider scaling down for assistance in ring dips or push-ups.



Made for athletes of all types, RockTape is used to treat injuries and maximize performance. It works by lifting your skin away from the soft tissue underneath. This increases blood flow that speeds up the healing process and recovery time, while helping you improve form and reduce fatigue.


Including these essential pieces of equipment will ensure you can meet the needs of all your CrossFit enthusiasts, and enable you to create a wide variety of effective WODs that will keep them engaged and motivated.