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3ACT Slide Circular Slideboard

3ACT Slide

3ACT Slide

Item # W-TAC100

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Because Life Is Not A Straight Line

The 3ACT Slide is a portable, self-contained fitness and rehabilitation tool that reinvents the idea of a traditional linear slideboard. This circular slide with a 6-foot diameter is useful for: rehabilitation, sport-specific activity, core strengthening, functional flexibility, group exercise, and balance training. Its multi-directional design allows tri-plane movement that simulates the athletic and physical demands of a variety of sports and rehabilitation needs. The dual-sided stability blocks allow customized foot positioning, while providing safety and movement-specific guidance. The 3ACT Slide breaks down quickly and easily into five lightweight pieces, allowing it to be easily transported. The 3ACT Slide comes with the slide itself, eight stability blocks and a pair of shoe covers.


  • Extremely durable 6-foot diameter slide surface
  • Breaks down easily and quickly into five lightweight pieces
  • Includes 8 stability blocks to keep the motion contained
  • Comes with a pair of navy universal-fit shoe covers
  • Access to a free video library with dozens of movement ideas
  • Additional stability blocks and shoe covers are available separately