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Wireless Microphone Belt at ELIVATE™

Tune Belt Inc

Wireless Microphone Belt

Item # W-TUN101

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Go to the Head of the Class with this Wireless Microphone Belt

The Wireless Microphone Belt from Tune Belt Inc. allows you to be heard across the room, especially in areas where noise isn’t necessarily conducive to teaching a class. The Belt’s vertical design securely holds and protects the microphone transmitter, allowing you to move freely without worrying whether it’ll come unclipped and fall to the floor. Made from lightweight, comfortable neoprene and adjustable to fit waist sizes up to 42”, this belt will conform to your body type. When properly worn, this belt protects the transmitter from perspiration and bumps, allowing you to teach without interruption.

Wireless Microphone Belt Features

  • Vertical design securely holds and protects microphone transmitters.
  • Lightweight, comfortable neoprene construction.
  • Adjustable to fit waists up to 42".
  • Helps protect against perspiration and bumps.
  • Hand-washable.


CD Belt, Microphone Belt