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Lifeline TNT Cable System at ELIVATE™

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TNT Cable System

Item # W-LFI2TNTS4

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TNT Cable Workouts are Dynamite

Lifeline TNT Cable System has been found to be superior to traditional weights for developing muscle strength, power and mass. With a pair of triple grip handles and 3-40 lbs. R4 resistance cables, door attachment and deluxe TNT instructional DVD, you’ll have all you need to get a full upper and lower body Lifeline TNT Cable System workout - take the compact and portable intensity with you wherever you go. Our door anchor and belt (sold separately) will help you expand your fitness regime with lunges, hamstring extensions, ab workouts, resistance running and more. Easily vary the number of cables to modify and challenge yourself, there a nearly an endless amount of exercises you can do with the Lifeline TNT Cable System at your disposal.

TNT Cable System Features

  • Comprehensive series of full-body training.
  • Work shoulders, arms with uppercuts, biceps and frontal raises.
  • Cable system includes: 3-5’ cables (40 lbs. peak resistance each), 2-3-in-1 ergonomic designed triple grip handles, heavy-duty door anchor, instructional DVD with brochure by expert Jon Hinds.
  • Belt sold separately.


40 lbs