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Thera Cane

Thera Cane Instructional Technique DVD

Item # W-THE160

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TheraCane Thera Cane Instructional Technique DVD: Watch & Learn!

The Thera Cane Instructional Technique DVD shows you how to effectively manage trigger point release and self-massage with the Thera Cane Pressure Massager at home. The DVD demonstrates many ways you can apply healing massage on 6 major muscle groups including back, neck, shoulders, arms, torso, legs and reveals proper stretching techniques as well. The 24-minute video, hosted by Dan Hennessey, is broken down into chapters so you can watch the entire video at once or in sections for easy review! Watch and learn how to best use the Thera Cane to target self-massage for optimum pain relief.

Thera Cane Instructional Technique DVD Features

  • 24-minute video demonstrates correct use of Thera Cane on 6 major muscle groups.
  • Learn proper stretching techniques.
  • Segmented chapters to watch in its entirety or by sections.
  • Multiple language choices available.
  • Retail endless loop included for retail.
  • Thera Cane not included.