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Thera Cane

Deep Pressure Massager

Elivate # THE159 MFG# BR1100JRTR HCPCS# A9270

Help clients manage trigger points at home with the Thera Cane Deep Pressure Massager. This innovative self-massage tool features 6 strategically placed knobs that can be used to apply direct pressure to knotted muscles. Clients have complete control over applied pressure on sore joints and muscles. The Thera Cane includes a guide with 24 easy-to-follow exercise positions to help beginner clients learn how adaptable this self-massager can be. Whether your clients use the Deep Pressure Massager pre- or post-workout, they can work on trigger points virtually anywhere thanks to the patented, portable design. Help activate muscle recovery for clients in the back, neck, shoulders, legs, hips, arms and buttocks when you recommend using the Thera Cane Deep Pressure Massager.

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Specifications for Item THE159
Self-massage device designed to apply pressure to sore muscles and trigger points anywhere on the bodyUses two strategically placed projections and six treatment balls to help relieve painIncludes instructional booklet24" x 15" x 1"DVD demonstrates proper Thera Cane® techniquesAvailable in green only
Deep Pressure Massager Features
  • Delivers the same results that you would achieve by going to an expensive day spa and massage therapy clinic.
  • Can be used virtually anywhere.
  • Receive all the benefits of deep pressure massage therapy on your own time.
  • 6 strategically placed applicator balls can apply hard pressure directly to knotted muscles in countless ways, including 24 easy-to-follow exercise positions.
  • Patented design offers all the reach and leverage you need to ease your aching back, neck, shoulders, legs, hips, arms or buttocks.