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Yoga Band & Pilates Band

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Stretching Tool

Item # W-MDV102

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Get Flexible & Recover Faster with StretchRite

Don’t just use a towel or a belt to assist you in your stretch. Instead use this StretchRite Stretching Tool which creates the most effective and safest stretch possible because it helps you use proper form. This patented stretching system uses a non-elastic comfortable band to stretch and condition every major muscle in your body such as: arms, shoulders, torso and legs. Designed with a foot strap to snugly fit around your shoes and multiple handgrips that naturally fit the shape of your palms, you can simply adjust the tension in your stretch by grasping the different handgrips. For a gentler stretch grasp the handgrips closer to you. For a more intense stretch, advance to the next handgrip position. The StretchRite Stretching Tool comes with a free DVD demonstrating 12 easy-to-do stretches, an instructional manual with 20 stretching exercises and a purple drawstring bag. Relax, reduce tension and get total body relief from sore, tight muscles with this StretchRite Stretching Tool.

StretchRite Stretching Tool Features

  • Comfortable non-elastic band to effectively stretch every major muscle group.
  • Encourages safety and proper form while stretching.
  • Improves overall flexibility and relieves muscle pain.
  • Used to stretch arms, legs, torso and shoulders.
  • Can help relieve aches and pain from arthritis, osteoporosis, plantar fasciitis and shoulder rehabilitation.
  • Perfect accessory for yoga and Pilates.
  • Foot strap fits snugly around feet and shoes.
  • Total of 6 ergonomic handgrips.
  • For gentle stretching, grasp handgrips close to body.
  • For stronger stretches, advance to the next handgrip position.
  • DVD demonstrates 12 easy-to-do stretches.
  • Instructional manual with 20 different stretching exercises.
  • Purple drawstring bag.
  • Colors: black, purple and yellow.