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Boxing Gloves, Hand Wraps & Jump Rope in a Bag

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Aerobic Boxing Kit

Item # W-REV139

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Punch, Jab & Hook with Style

This Aerobic Boxing Kit has everything you need to get your fitness routine started. Just grab your kit and get to class. All your boxing gear is neatly organized in a drawstring backpack and is easy to find. This backpack comes with premiere boxing gloves, hand wraps and a jump rope. The boxing gloves are made of durable vinyl with an inner grip bar for a tight fist. They have a wide hook and loop closure for a secure fit and are designed to punch the speed bag, double end-bag, heavy bag or focus mitts. The included wide hand wraps are thick and do not lose form as they support your wrist, thumbs and knuckles. The 10' jump rope with easy to grip handles is great for training and cardiovascular exercise. Plus all of this Revgear boxing gear comes at 1 low price.

Deluxe Boxing Glove Features

  • Everything necessary to start a boxing fitness routine.
  • Black drawstring bag.
  • Premier boxing gloves with wide hook-and-loop closure.
  • Gloves suitable for speed bag, double-end bag, heavy bag or focus mitts.
  • Thick hand wraps do not lose form.
  • Easy-to-grasp 10' jump rope.
  • Organized and convenient to carry.


12 oz.
Boxing Gloves