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Proper Foam Roller

Proper Foam Roller

The Proper Foam Roller is the first foam roller to feature a 3D shape of convex curves that conform to the body. It allows the user to penetrate deeper into areas that regular foam rollers can’t touch. This patent-pending design promotes the flow of blood and oxygen, and accelerates soft tissue repair and recovery.

The Proper Foam Roller features:

  • Central groove prevents injury to spine and osseous structures
  • Compression tested to withstand 500 lbs. static load
  • Travel friendly, compact design

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Proper Foam Rller

How to sell the Proper Foam Roller to your clients

As a fitness professinoal you likely recommend foam rolling to your clients as a means of alleviating pain and stiffness in muscles and joints.

Now, with the Proper Foam Roller, you can recommend a truly revolutionary foam roller that delivers all the benefits of traditional foam rolling and much more.

Start by telling your clients that the Proper Foam Roller’s contoured design – unique among foam rollers – makes it incredibly easy and comfortable for them to use.

Be sure to point out to your clients that the Proper Foam Roller’s central groove will protect their spine while they are rolling their back muscles. Also help them understand that its contours enable the rolling action to penetrate connective tissue more effectively for better and safer all-around massaging.

Proper Foam Roller is revolutionary
Proper Pillow Inventor Doctor Rick Loos

Meet Proper Foam Roller inventor Dr. Rick Loos

After graduating from Life Chiropractic College West in 1996, Dr. Rick began his career in San Diego, California. Within three years, Dr. Rick opened the coastal clinic Torrey Pines Chiropractic. His treatment incorporates the balance of science, philosophy, and art into the care of his patients to facilitate optimal health and wellbeing.

Throughout his years of practice, Dr. Rick continually tried to find the little health secrets to share with his patients, friends and family, and created The Proper Foam Roller as the foundational tool to a good night’s sleep and a lifetime of good posture.

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