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Arm Sleeves

Item # W-NRTNT60

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NormaTec Arm Sleeves Put the Pressure on Performance & Recovery Times

Durable, lightweight and made from high-quality nylon, NormaTec Arm Sleeves are compatible with all our patented, dynamic compression recovery systems. These sleeves feature innovative overlapping compression zones that cover the entire arm, leaving no space untouched. NormaTec Arm Sleeves deliver powerful external compression technology that effectively speeds recovery and enhances athletic performance. Using Sequential Pulse Technology, these sleeves use dynamic compression therapy to imitate natural muscle pumps which moves fluid and metabolites out of the limbs faster than static compression. All arm sleeve options can be attached to a single hose for specific recovery as well as to allow one hand free to operate the machine, write or use the telephone. The sleeves wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Arm Sleeves Features

  • Patented dynamic compression system using Sequential Pulse Technology.
  • Enhances performance and speeds recovery time.
  • Compatible with all NormaTec Recovery Systems.
  • Made of durable and lightweight quality nylon.
  • Available in multiple options.
  • Wipes clean with damp cloth.