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Item # W-HYP110

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Simply Switch between Sandbag and Gym Bag

The FitRUCK from HyperWear is a durable and convertible backpack that has a variety of different uses. First, you can use the FitRUCK as a sandbag. With six easy grip rubber handles arranged on all four sides, as well as detachable straps, you can quickly and easily turn the FitRUCK into a heavy-duty sandbag for exercises like loaded squats, swings, presses, and more.


Second, you can use the FitRUCK as a way to store other HyperWear gear and other portable weights. The inside features a large compartment with pouches to hold SandBells, SteelBells, and SandRopes. Any other portable exercise equipment can also be carried, as the FitRUCK can hold up to 40 lbs. of additional weight.


Third, when loaded with a sufficient amount of weight, the FitRUCK can be used as an anchor for SandRopes or resistance bands. Simply weave the tube or band through one of the six handles and start performing flys, rows, kickbacks, and more.


The FitRuck provides a water bladder compartment with a tube opening for the perfect outdoor rucking backpack. When not in use as a weight or an exercise tool, the FitRUCk can simply serve as a gym bag or backpack for everyday use.

FitRUCK Features

  • Convertible backpack with multiple uses.
  • Made with quality ballistic nylon ruck.
  • Can hold up to 40 lbs. of additional weight.
  • Storage compartments can carry SandRopes, SandBells, SteelBells, and more.