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Eco Bamboo Yoga Towels

Item # W-HUG124

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Offer Eco-Friendly Bamboo Yoga Towels for Your Hot Yoga Classes

Never let sweat interfere with the intentions of your members' yoga practice. Retail Eco Bamboo Yoga Towels within your studio to provide a solution for the most slippery hands and feet. Constructed from renewable bamboo fiber, these eco-friendly yoga mat towels are also designed with a nonslip backing to prevent bunching or sliding during poses. Their absorbent surface can stand up to the most intense hot and power yoga sessions so members will not only leave dry, but feeling accomplished. Eco Bamboo Yoga Towels are available in multiple colors and measure 72" x 24" for optimal positioning over nonslip yoga mats. Machine wash, hang dry or machine dry on low heat, do not use fabric softener.

Eco Bamboo Yoga Towels Features

  • Designed with nonslip backing to prevent bunching.
  • Absorbent surface great for hot yoga practices.
  • Made from eco-friendly, renewable bamboo blend fiber.
  • Size: 72" x 24".