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Exercise Guide

Achieve the results you desire with a Dyna-Band Exercise Guide. Resistance band exercises improve strength and help keep muscles toned, this exercise poster is just here to lend a hand. It folds into a convenient 4.5" x 6" pocket-size booklet. Designed with full-color illustrations of how to best use your Dyna-Band, the Dyna-Band Guide provides superior effectiveness and efficiency for serious, long-lasting results.
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Specifications for Item FIT103
Illustrates 16 exercises and covers strength training guidelines, safety precautions and storage. Folds to 4.5" x 6" bookletFull color, 18" x 24"
Exercise Guide Features
  • Useful exercise guide that shows you how to both use and care for your Dyna-Band.
  • Booklet opens into a beautiful, 18" x 24", full-color, poster-size exercise guide.
  • Illustrates 16 exercises; includes popular moves like chest press, bicep curls, seated leg press, seated rows and lots more.
  • Covers strength training guidelines, safety precautions and band storage.