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30-Minute Mini Personal Training Sessions

Mini Sessions & Group Training

One of this year’s fastest-growing fitness trends is the mini personal training session. These 30-minute group sessions typically include 8 to 10 clients, but can be structured with as many or as few people as you like. Although shorter sessions may not seem worthwhile initially, they actually provide you and your client with a variety of benefits.

Benefits of Mini Personal Training Sessions

One of the biggest challenges most people face is finding time to dedicate to working out. This makes the mini personal training session ideal for professionals, parents and even students with hectic schedules. Because it’s easier to carve out 30 minutes than an hour to dedicate to a workout, these people are more likely not only to head to the gym, but also to enlist the aid of a personal trainer to help ensure they get the best results they can. Mini personal training sessions have plenty of other advantages too. For example, they can help you:

Attract new clients

The lower cost and shorter time commitment often make new clients out of people who were interested in personal training but were not able to meet the financial or time commitment. It also helps encourage beginners to give personal training a try.

Strengthen commitment

Switch clients you work with once per week for 60 minutes to 2 or 3 mini sessions per week. It will get them to the gym more often without requiring them to invest much more time plus, they will appreciate the results they get from the extra time they do invest. If you choose to work with groups, try pairing people together who have similar goals. In addition to bonding with their partner, which will make their workouts more enjoyable, they will be more likely to keep their commitment when they know someone else is depending on them.

Develop focus

Shorter sessions force you and clients to concentrate on what’s most important. Whether it’s working on a specific target area, learning how to use new equipment, developing better form or adjusting a routine when they hit a plateau, the shorter time frame will help you prioritize and zero in on what’s most critical to help them achieve their goals. Not only will they get better results, but you won’t waste any time, either.

Stabilize revenue

Structuring mini personal training sessions in a package deal (2 to 3 sessions per week for a fixed amount of time) also helps stabilize your income by creating a predictable source of revenue. Training 2 to 4 clients (or more) per hour will also allow you to maximize your revenue potential while still providing an excellent level of service.

Although shorter personal training sessions may seem counterintuitive at first, personal trainers who have incorporated them into their service offerings have found them to be incredibly popular and successful. In addition to producing better results for their clients, they’ve discovered the nice lift in income that comes with a stream of happy new customers.