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Commercial Suspension Trainer


TRX Suspension Commercial Training Kit

The TRX Pro Suspension Training Kit is the commercial tool you need to get serious about training. Designed by a Navy SEAL, this system can provide your members with professional results for all of their fitness goals. TRX suspension training is appropriate for athletes of all levels. Exercises are performed while the body is partially suspended, creating resistance using only gravity and individual body weight. Featured on TV as a “The Biggest Loser” exercise tool, the TRX Suspension Trainer encourages exercise motion in all 3 planes of movement for a functional challenge that engages the body’s core muscles. It can be easily anchored to any doorframe, exercise machine or other sturdy and stable weight bearing structures to create a full-body resistance exerciser that builds muscle mass and endurance in a portable package. Drawing on core and other stabilizing muscles throughout each movement, the Suspension Trainer produces fast results in a limited space.
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Specifications for Item FNSTRXCLUB4

The TRX Commercial Suspension Trainer is designed to meet the specific needs of personal trainers everywhere. Perfect for individual or group training, this system is built around a set of incredibly sturdy, non-fray, nylon straps and a modular anchoring interface that attaches to any elevated fixture. Offering a complete body workout, the Commercial Suspension Trainer facilitates better strength, flexibility and joint mobility. Its locking carabiner keeps the TRX training equipment safe, secure and attached to its anchor points. Along with easy-to-clean, commercial-grade handles, the TRX Commercial Suspension Trainer has a barrel lock strap adjustment that creates minimal wear on strappings for long-term use. It also includes a 90 second marketing video to demonstrate what TRX training looks like.

  • Increase strength, flexibility and joint mobility.
  • Durable, fray resistant nylon straps.
  • Textured, rubber-gripped handles.
  • Locking carabiner prevents theft and keeps investment safe.
  • Barrel lock adjusters for improved comfort.